We believe…..
A good strong foundation is essential to enable children to receive maximum benefit from any educational system.

The basic education imparted, not only include the ‘three R’s’ in ample measure, but teach the children good manners, deportment, habit of regular study, responsibility, and ability to speak good English with confidence

To achieve this, the Teacher/Student ratio is kept at 1:25. The curriculum, which is based on the CBSE pattern, is carefully graded, to avoid any sharp escalation of study matter from Class to Class. To instill confidence, each child is given a chance to address the whole School at ‘Assembly’, and speak on a subject of their choice

Regular involvement of Parents in the educational progress of their children ensures that the process is continued at home. Homework is set as a measure of inculcating a regular home study habit, and is designed to occupy the child not more than half an hour.

Children from the School, perform well in entrance examinations, and are welcome in other Institutions.
V.C Muthu